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Here is why it’s so important to apply protectant to newly-cleaned carpet or upholstery
     a.  to protect the soft shiny surface of the fiber (the same as car wax protects paint)
     b.  to resist soiling
     c.  to fill the voids in the fiber before soil does
     d.  protected carpets release soil better for dry vacuuming and for the technician next cleaning.

Protectant is removed by foot traffic, vacuuming and any harsh detergents that come in contact with your carpet between cleanings.  It should be reapplied before the soil finds its way into the fiber.  The carpet lasts longer, looks better and you are happier with your investment.  

Most upholstery fabrics and carpet fibers in this modern age are treated with a “protectant” at the place where the fabrics and fibers are woven.  Your less expensive fibers like olephin, polypropylene, herculon, and polyester do not need a protectant as they do not absorb foreign materials.  Higher grade fibers such as wool, cotton and nylon are more expensive and keep their like-new appearance (resilience) longer.  BUT, the wool, cotton and nylons absorb water-based food coloring stains.  So these protectants are used to fill the voids in these fibers with a clear substance that repels water and solvent-based soils.

Fabrics with original protectants will serve you very well and add to the life and appearance of the fiber.  Some times great fibers with great protectants are subjected to very harsh conditions such as heavy traffic, water damage, harsh spotting chemicals from the homeowner, pet urine – these will all defeat the integrity of the protectant.  Thus, it needs reapplied with each cleaning.  In between cleanings, all that is needed to preserve the protectant is the soft soil removal technique of clear water and evacuation (vacuum, don’t rub).

The protectants only need to be reapplied to traffic areas where they have been worn away – similar to wax on a car finish.  Carpet fibers and car finishes are basically the same material – soft plastic – that is easily scratched and damaged.  The protectant, like car wax, fills the scratches and voids so as to make the surface of the fiber smooth once more.

There are many great protectants available, so we at Nalley Steamway have gone to great lengths to find what will serve you best.  We use a product made specifically for Steamway called pH-iber Guard (TM).  We trust this premium product to protect your carpet and keep it lasting as long as it possibly can, looking beautiful all along the way.  






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