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Call Nalley Steamway immediately if you have flooded carpet, or even suspect a problem.  We are on-call 24 hours a day, even holidays, for your water damage emergency.

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What to expect

At a hectic time as this can be, we want to give you the assurance that we will stop water damage in as short amount of time and with the minimal cost as neces­sary.  In order to help you know what to expect, we have listed out the steps we take for stopping further structural water damage. 

FURNISHINGS:  All items sitting on the carpet must be relocated to a dry area.  Once furnishings and contents begin releasing stain or absorbing moisture, damage may be irreversible

EXTRACTION: This may include disengaging the carpet and removing water-saturated, unsalvageable pad.  This speeds up the drying process.  We may also use our truck-mounted equipment to extract excess water from the carpet. 

The wet pad will be bagged and placed outside.  You would  dispose of this pad yourself, or for a fee plus dump costs we can deliver it to the dump for you.

EVAPORATION:  The remaining water must be evaporated with air movers.  If the carpet was disengaged and pad removed, most likely the fans will be placed so that they blow air under the carpet.  A long stick may be used to lift the carpet to allow it to “float” as it dries.  Important:  The carpet should never flop or wave rapidly.  If this occurs, please call us. 

The technician will slightly open windows in strategic areas of the structure.  Cross-draft is essential to evaporation, and it is very important to leave these openings as they are.    If it is necessary to close windows or turn off dryers, please call us.  We will try to help you find alternate methods of ventilation.

STRUCTURE:  If water damage appears to be extensive, a Hydrometer may be used to measure and locate water within the walls.  If it proves to be necessary, we may drill holes in the sheetrock to aid in evaporation within the walls to prevent mildew growth.  Usually this is done by removing the baseboard and drilling the holes low enough so that the baseboard, when reinstalled, will cover those areas.  Fans will then be placed in front of the drilled areas.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL:  Evaporation is greatly enhanced by controlling the temperature in a confined environment.  Additionally, micro­organism growth is temperature related.  The technician will set the thermostat to approximately 68 degrees if possible.  

MONITORING:  The technician will return daily if not more often to monitor the drying process, and adjust fans.  

REINSTALLATION:  Once the carpet is dry, you will need to hire an installer to replace the affected area with new pad and re-engage your carpet if necessary.  We can recommend reputable carpet installers.

FINAL CARPET CLEANING:  Once the carpet has been re-installed and any sheetrock repairs done including replacing baseboards, please call to schedule your final carpet cleaning.   This is necessary for at least 3 reasons:  1) During restoration, walking traffic results in transferring soils from shoes to damp carpet surfaces.; 2)  During drying, moisture wicks to the surface of carpet. carrying particles of soil.  This leaves a residue on the tops of the fibers;  and 3)  During the later stages of drying, minor odor problems may develop in carpet due to microorganism development. 






Lizzy B. on Redmond:  "Blown Away!  Absolutely fantastic job. Landlord was super-thrilled and I got my whole deposit back.  We thought we were going to have to replace the carpet."Mercedes & John H. on Redmond: "We are very pleased. Thanks for the quick scheduling!"

Stephan F. (Area Rug Cleaning):  "Thanks for making this so easy.  It was really convenient to be able to just drop the rugs off at your shop."

Maggie & Jim H. on Teton Pines Dr.:  "Professional looking technician.  Thanks for the quick scheduling."

Jovern B.:  "You guys are WONDERFUL!!"



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Our cleaning plant is located south of town toward Hoback Jct.  Go 1 mile past Wy D.O.T. and turn right onto KDC Lane.  First entrance on your right, pull straight into the shop that says "Nalley" on the door.